Hot dudes and hummus

There are two certainties when visiting Tel Aviv: you will eat hummus, and dozens of locals will try to convince you that they are the ones who know where the best hummus in town is. The air of authority with which these recommendations are made, such as “Take my word for it man, I am a seventh-generation hummus maker (or is it eater?),” can make things confusing, especially when no two people seem to advocate the same establishment.

For those who aren’t quite sure what hummus actually is, it is a spread – the origins of which are heatedly debated but agreed to be somewhere in the Middle East. Hummus is made from cooked, finely mashed chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) blended with tahini (techina in Hebrew, sesame seed butter), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is used as a starter dish at all Middle Eastern restaurants where guests can dip pita bread into the spread. The dipping is an important part of the hummus-eating experience.

So, let us help you, as self-proclaimed experts on the culinary delight which is hummus, here are some of the best hummus joints to sample this all-important Middle Eastern dip on your trip to the nonstop city of Tel Aviv:

Hummus Abu Hassan

Just above the old Jaffa Port, this is without a doubt the city’s most renowned hummus eatery drawing visitors from all over the country and indeed the world, flocking to eat its excellent version of the famous dish and enjoy the eclectic mix of punters and beautiful unique scenery.

Hummus Ashkara

Established nearly 30 years ago, this famous hummus joint is especially popular with tourists and young customers as it is open 24/7. Here you will find a refined version of the dish with relatively fewer spices and olive oil, suitable for every palate.

Hummus Abu Ghosh

A branch of maybe the country’s most famous hummus place from the Abu Gosh village in the Jerusalem hills, this buzzing hummus place is located in the heart of the city, serving fantastic hummus, falafel, tahini and more.

Hummus HaCarmel

Situated in the middle of the bustling famous Carmel Market – the main Shuk of Tel Aviv, here among the stalls offering everything from fresh produce to clothing you will find one of the best hummus places in the city

Hummus Mashawsha

Named after the Galilean dish Mashawsha - a specific type of flavorful hummus made in the in the north of Israel. If it’s authenticity you’re looking for, at this establishment the chickpeas are ground on site for every customer. It doesn’t get fresher than this.

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