Many parents these days are looking to give their child that special summer experience – the one where he or she could explore, gain new skills, mature and have a lot of fun along the way. BIG IDEA Israeli summer camp is exactly that program- An international tech program taking place in the heart of the start-up nation.

Children and teens, ages 7-18, arrive to BIG IDEA every summer from 30 countries: USA, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Russia, China and many more. The main language at camp is English, though you get to hear many other languages as well. Half of the campers are Israeli and the other half are international, which create the unique multi-cultural atmosphere at camp.

During the 2 weeks session, participants get hands-on experience in tech and media workshops of their choice. Some campers choose to create their own computer game, build robots or even program and develop apps. Other can choose to excel in photography, graphic design, become a DJ and even design Jewelries in 3D software, which they can later print in a 3D printer and wear. The workshops are led in small groups of up to 8 campers by professional and mature staff.

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