Fabulous and fascinating one day in Tel Aviv

Start your day at Jaffa harbor, enjoy the salty refreshing sea air and treat yourself to breakfast at any of the lovely restaurants along the Marina. the Jaffa slope park, with a magnificent panorama over most of the Israeli shoreline, and the historical starting point of the metropolis, some 4000 years ago. Grab a cup of coffee at the renovated ancient port, and head north for a lovely stroll along the promenade and some fantastic seaside fun.

Cross the street to the “Tachana Compound”, a fabulously renovated outdoor shopping center housed in a defunct historic train station built in the 1890s as Tel Aviv and Jaffa’s central train station.

Head to the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek and cross the beautiful alleyways. Treat yourself in their boutique shops until you reach the colorful hustle and bustle of Hacarmel market. Stop for some excellent street food and if it's a Tuesday or Friday – consider yourself lucky and get some shopping done at the traditional Nachlat Binyamin fair, where local artisans present their work.

Continue all the way to gorgeous Rothschild Blvd, the heart of the Bauhaus architecture and a UNESCO international heritage site. This is the place to rent a bicycle and join the local flow all the way to Habima Square, home to the national theater and the Israeli philharmonic orchestra. Head down to the trendy, bustling Dizengoff Street or grab a bite in one of the coffee shops around the square and keep walking or cycling along Hen Blvd, all the way to Rabin square.

Check out Eben Gabiroll street, a trendy hub of the fabulous city, home to a huge array of award-winning restaurants, and excellent pubs and bars where you can grab a meal or an early drink and hang with the locals.

Hop on a number 5 service line, in itself an urban icon, and get off at the Tel Aviv port. Enjoy the sunset and look back south at the Jaffa skyline, where the day started. Spend your evening in the area and watch as it transforms into the city’s hottest nightlife scene, packed with fabulous bars and nightclubs tailor-made for epic nights.