Discover the Wine Routes

Discover a different Israel through it's wineries and vineyards, through the passion of the people who are crafting award winning wines from home grown grapes.

Enjoy vintage wines, gourmet foods, and gorgeous scenery. Spend time experiencing Israel as you never have before, as a Wine Connoisseur! The beauty of these routes in Israel is of course the authentic wine but also the incredible landscapes that surround the wineries. Many of the wineries are situated near ‘Zimmers’ which are little spa complexes that are dotted around northern Israel. They have little cabins with Jacuzzis that face out to the magnificent views of the rolling green hills. You can relax in your personal cabin with a splendid glass of wine from the local winery.

The Middle East & Eastern Mediterranean was the cradle of wine production, and the ancient land of Canaan is in fact one of the earliest countries to cultivate wine over 2,000 years before the vine came to Europe.

There are currently over 25 commercial wineries and over 150 boutique wineries in Israel where wine making has become a personal obsession with wine makers striving to produce world class wines.

Israel like other 'long' countries such as Chile or Italy enjoys a variety of microclimates. While the northern region gets much rain and even snow in the winter, just a few hours away Israel's southern region is very arid with desert conditions. This range in microclimates supports many grape varieties, which can grow on several different types of soil, yielding excellent results.

As always in matters of taste, you must visit Israel’s wineries and vineyards and decide for yourself which is your favourite!