Israel – A Destination for All

Israel number of visitors is seeing an unprecedented growth. More and more people from around the world are fulfilling their dream of visiting Israel. The Ministry of tourism is committed to enabling everyone who wishes to visit, regardless of any possible impairment.

When it comes to accessibility, Israel is a world leader in legislation. From infrastructure to service, Israel is adapt to provide a smooth and accepting stay.

Please see below links to all those that can assist and assure a smooth, pleasant and barrier free stay.

NGO's and Travel

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael

Accessible Forest, Parks and Sites in Israel

In recent years, KKL-JNF has been working to develop suitable facilities for the physically challenged in its forests and parks. Our aim is to open nature to all sectors of the population, by creating an environment through which people with limited mobility can move safely and comfortably. We have also gone one step forward, and brought nature into the schoolyard with unique projects in special education schools.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority

INPA has worked in recent years to make its sites accessible to persons with disabilities. In all national parks, nature reserves, antiquities sites and heritage sites, work is underway to upgrade accessibility and provide access aids.

INPA are doing everything possible to increase the number of visitors with disabilities who can tour and enjoy the sites, with all the activities they have to offer.

On the website you can find further information and relevant maps.

Yad Sarah for Tourists

Traveling abroad presents special challenges for people with special needs. Yad Sarah for Tourists offers assistance that will ensure an enjoyable and relaxing vacation for the individual with special needs and his family. Once plans are finalized with the Tourist Desk, the visitor can sit back and relax, knowing that all arrangements are in the capable hands of a Yad Sarah representative.

Some of the services available:

  • Lending of necessary medical equipment. Delivery to a hotel or residence can be arranged for a modest fee.
  • Equipping your hotel room to make your stay more comfortable, including special beds, chairs, etc.
  • Lending of oxygen cylinders/ concentrators.
  • Transportation in wheelchair-locking vans, including transfers to and from the airport and sightseeing.
  • Recommendation of tour guides specializing in guiding tourists with limited mobility and special needs including advice about tourist sites with easy access.

Yad Sarah’s personalized service is available, by prior arrangement with the Tourist Desk, for any tourist with special needs.


The service is available throughout Israel.


For further details, or to arrange transportation or a tour, please call the Tourist Desk at +972-2-6444382 or e-mail us:

Access Israel

Access Israel is a non-profit organization that promotes accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly in all spheres of life. Access Israel was established in 1999 by Yuval Wagner, a former helicopter pilot, who became wheelchair bound following a helicopter accident. Access Israel conducts various project to fulfill the goal of a fully accessible and inclusive society such awareness raising projects in schools, accessibility consulting for businesses, accessibility courses, sign language courses, conferences on various subjects and more. In addition, Access Israel works to promote accessibility in the Israeli law, runs an accessibility complaint center and organizes awareness raising events for the public. Access Israel promotes accessibility and inclusion in all spheres of life and in education, tourism, culture, emergency situations and more.

Accessible Tourism on Access Israel website

LOTEM is the largest organization in Israel for outdoor learning activities for children with special needs, providing outdoor educational activities as well as accessible hikes. Surin Hershko, a war hero who was severely injured in Operation Entebbe in 1976, is Founder and Chairman of LOTEM. His inspiration for LOTEM comes from the heart: “Giving children the basic right to experience life outdoors is the purpose of my life and it fills me with great joy.”

The main site, Emek HaShalom (Valley of Peace), is a 40-acre farm located in Northern Israel, near Yokneam. Situated in the middle of a beautiful valley, the farm is surrounded by blooming nature and the peaceful flow of water. It provides a hands-on learning experience with a teaching garden, wheelchair accessible olive and wine presses, bakery, and wheelchair accessible trails

LOTEM understands the vital role that the outdoors plays in Israelis’ lives, and the immeasurable impact making society accessible has, not just on the individual with a special need but on their family and the community as well. As part of its work to ensure that no member of society is left behind,  LOTEM provides the opportunity for children and adults with special needs to learn and participate in outdoor activities all across the country.


Israel Airport Authority

By law, the Israel Airport Authority is responsible for providing the physical infrastructure for the activity of the entities providing service to assisted passengers. However, according to transport regulations, the responsibility for handling assisted passengers and their baggage, from the moment of their entry into the terminal building, or their disembarkation from the aircraft, lies with the respective airline with which the passengers are flying. The actual service at Ben Gurion Airport is provided by ground handling companies. The service includes accompaniment and assistance to disabled passengers through the departure and arrival procedures.

These are the ground handling companies:

Aero Handling

Laufer Aviation GHI


Ministry of Transportation help line (local call) 5678*


Public transportation

Trains - should you require assistance, in boarding and alighting from the train, from a staff member at the train station, please coordinate your trip with 'Israel Railways' in advance, through the website or through the service hotline on *5770.

'Israel Railways' will do the best to provide you with the best possible service, even if you have not coordinated your trip in advance.

In any case, please coordinate trips that occur between 20:00 in the evening and 06:00 the next morning, as well as trips occurring on Saturday night, in advance.

Buses – all bus lines within the city are adapted to provide service to all. Intrastate buses are partially accessible.

Taxis – it is rare to catch an accessible taxi on the go. It is recommended to preorder from


All types of accommodation in Israel, which have 7 or more rooms, is required by law to provide at least 1 accessible room. All service providers with a minimum of 25 employees are also required to have an Accessibility Supervisor. These laws can assure you that there is no corner in Israel in which the perfect accommodation solution cannot be found. A short pre-visit email coordination of expectation is always recommended.