Jerusalem Fun

After Dark Fun in the Holy City

Planning a trip to Jerusalem usually involves its many sights of culture and historical significance. However, just as important to many, Jerusalem’s has an amazingly cool after dark scene, filled with music, hipster hangouts, dance clubs, and much more.

To check it out, make your way to the City Center and explore the narrow streets just off Jaffa Street. There you’ll find bars and nightclubs that range from comfortably mainstream to eccentrically funky. Rivlin Street is a popular hangout for young people, while Shoshan Street and the surrounding area offers a more laid-back grown up vibe.

Machane Yehuda market offers a surprisingly awesome night out as in the evening it transforms into a trendy hotspot where vendor stalls and shops become the setting for bars, DJs, live music, and dancing.
Betzalel Street is famous for its student artsy vibe and the many little bars are a great place to befriend the locals who come for a drink and a jam session.

For a daytime change of pace head to the German Colony (Moshava) and, particularly, the neighborhood of Baka. Start at Beit Lechem Street where you’ll have your choice of popular, contemporary restaurants and bars. Then stroll all the way up Emek Refaim Street or through HaMesila (Railway) Park until you reach The First Station – once a railroad depot in use for over a century, it transformed now into a trendy culinary, cultural, and retail delight.