Joys of Jaffa

Ancient, Artsy and Fabulous

Recently named among CNN Travel’s must visit places for 2019, Jaffa is Tel Aviv’s smaller sister, and even though it dates back thousands of years, a visit to Old Jaffa always feels like an exciting discovery. A tour of Jaffa reveals charming winding alleyways interspersed with art galleries, historic buildings, newly renovated hotels in extraordinary landmark areas and a multitude of quaint authentic restaurants.

Jaffa Flea Market
Located in Jaffa, the famous flea market is a pure delight for the bargain hunters among you, packed with great authentic antiques. The flea market has been experiencing a recent bloom, and is considered a nightlife hub, featuring trendy bars and cool outdoor eateries, packed with young party people until the (very) late.

Jaffa Port

Considered one of the world’s most ancient ports, the Port of Jaffa served fishermen, sailors, merchants, crusaders, conquerors and immigrants for thousands of years. Today, the port continues to serve as a fishing port, and is also being renovated as an urban attraction that offers cultural and leisure activities, shopping and tourism, while preserving its unique historical and fascinating character.

Around Jaffa 

A stone’s throw away from Jaffa you can find the HaTachana complex, Tel Aviv’s renovated Old Railway is now a now vibrant tourist hub and an attractive site in itself and also lovely Neve Tzaedek  neighborhood, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Jaffa also boasts stunning beaches and fantastic restaurants serving a variety of fantastic local cuisine at affordable prices.