HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv
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Bon Jovi, all-time favorites in Tel Aviv, are making their way back to the city, famed for its lively music scene once more to appear in the famous Yarkon Park, the beautiful green lung of the city.

Currently touring America to sold out venues, Bon Jovi will arrive here as part of a new European tour in the summer of 2019, entitled "This House is not for Sale". The tour is set will begin on May 31, 2019 in Moscow and will probably end on July 25, 2019 with their show in Tel Aviv.

The band, considered e one of the most successful American bands of all times has sold more than 100 million copies, performed in over 2700 concerts in 50 different countries to more than 34 million viewers worldwide.

This is not Bon Jovi's first stint in the city. The band gave a truly memorable performance about three years ago at the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv to 50,000 adoring fans, singing along to every lyric .

Those coming to see the band play in Tel Aviv are in for a special treat as they will get to experience Tel Aviv in July, the city’s summer finest, sunbathe on the fabulous beaches, enjoy the awesome culinary options, take in the epic hot night life and best of all see Bon Jovi raise it live on stage in the city that doesn’t stop!