All Around Tel Aviv

The mild to warm October weather, combined with the energetic vibe of Tel Aviv, provide the perfect setting for the biggest cycling event in the country.

Thousands of cycling enthusiasts flock to Tel Aviv to ride through the vibrant city, on a scenic course showing you everything Tel Aviv has to offer:

From the beautiful Yarkon Park, along the coast, past the city’s many dazzling beaches and back up to the park through the city center, you’ll get a glimpse of every characteristic place, the “Mediterranean capital” has to offer.

Everyone can experience the thrill and excitement of the event, from the 60 km course for professional riders to the 8 km course for families and beginners, there is even a rollerblades course for those who prefer to make their way through the city on foot.

With the locals coming out in droves to cheer on the event, you’ll see a colorful and diverse crowd, adding to the fun and excitement in the air.

Whether you’re looking for a personal challenge to compete against some of the top riders in the country, or you’re hoping to enjoy a family day out with the crowds, you’re sure to experience the beauty and energy that makes up the unique atmosphere of Tel Aviv.