Tel Aviv

From France with love! French actors, Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani, will be performing “Love Letters” in March in Tel Aviv. Written by the late A.R. Gurney, the show has been performed on and off-Broadway by actors and actresses around the world.

The Pulitzer Prize-nominated show is now coming to Israel and will be performed by Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani in French, with Hebrew and Russian subtitles. With the performance taking place in Tel Aviv, visitors to the city will have the chance to enjoy some of the exotic and exciting nightlife that makes Tel Aviv so popular.

With restaurants to suit all palettes, dinner is just the thing for before the show, and with a nightlife that just starts to come alive around midnight, those who are looking for some adventure after the show will have plenty of options open to them. Anyone visiting the city especially for the show is sure to come away dazzled, both by the liveliness of the atmosphere and from the two well-known French stars.

While this is Adjani’s first trip to Israel, Depardieu has been here a number of times, and this occasion is sure to be memorable.