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Justin Bieber, the biggest international star of our day, arrives in Israel for just one concert as part of the PURPOSE WORLD TOUR, a tour bearing the name of his last album, which has sold 640,000 copies in just a week and became his bestselling album.

Bieber, born in Ontario, Canada, learned to play piano, guitar and drums as a child. At the age of 13, with the help of his mother, he began posting videos on YouTube where he sang covers to artists such as Asher, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown and others.

Scooter Browne, a former marketing director at “So So Def”, was the first to spot Bieber’s talent and invited him and his mother to recordings in Atlanta.

In 2008, Bieber was signed by Universal Records, and in 2009, "My World", the first mini-album by Bieber, including "One Time Lonely", "Love Me" and "Favorite Girl" topped the Canadian Billboard charts and the top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hits

In 2010, he released his second album, "My World 2.0" with the single "Baby", which became a huge hit and was accompanied by the most watched YouTube video by November 24, 2012.

In October 2015, Bieber released the second single from the album "Sorry". The dance clip for the song accumulated over 10 million views in the first 24 hours since its release.

In November 2015 he released his fourth album "Purpose", which sold 640,000 copies in the first week and became Bieber’s best-selling album with hits such as "Love Yourself." That same month Bieber made history by placing 17 songs on the American charts and breaking the record held by the Beatles since 1964.

In December 2015, Bieber and Skrillex won the Grammy Award for "Where are You Now".

Justin Bieber will be performing in Israel on May 3 at Hayarkon Park, with his latest hits "love yourself" and "Sorry" and with the hits "Baby" and "As long as you love me".