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19 years after his last performance in Tel Aviv, the prince of darkness returns once again with his band The Bad Seeds for two shows only to the joy of his fans in what are set to be intimate and unique performances.

Australian musician, singer-songwriter, author, screenwriter, composer and film actor Nick Cave is well known as rock musics' "Prince of Darkness" because of his dark, intense tunes. His music is known to be emotionally intense and is characterized by a variety of influences such as death, religion, love and violence. He was called by NME "the grand lord of gothic lushness".

In the early 90's, Curt Smith left the band and Roland Orzabal kept releasing more albums under the name of the band. In 2004 the two went back to working together under the name "Tears for Fears" and released the album "Everybody Loves Happy Ending". Since then, the band has been touring around the world to the delight of their fans.

Cave started his musical path in the 1970's when he formed "the Boys Next Door" which became a huge success in Melbourne's post-punk scene. Their name was changed to "the Birthday Party" and the band's sound and shows took a rather violent direction and they became known as one of the darkest groups of the 1980's, they fell apart in 1983

The end of the Birthday Party was the beginning of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in 1983 and they released their debut album the following year. In 1996 the band released its album "Murder Ballads" which featured "Where the Wild Roses Grow", a duet with Kylie Minogue that is also Cave's biggest commercial success to date.

Many artists have covered Cave's songs over the years, including Metallica, Johnny Cash, and even the Arctic Monkeys.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will perform at the Menora Arena in Tel Aviv on November 19 and an additional date has been added on November 20 due to high demand. For the mere 7,000 fans who will get the chance to look the legendary Nick Cave in the eyes, this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable show!