Taking place in October, the Jerusalem Walk is one of the most colorful and exciting events in the country, bringing together tens of thousands of marchers from around the world.

The Jerusalem march includes three events - a morning walk on nature trails, a happening in Sacher Park and a festive parade that takes place in the streets of central Jerusalem.

To ensure the inclusion of all those who want to join, the march offers a variety of routes with different lengths and difficulty levels. 

Morning Tracks

  • Track A - for those who can walk, about 12 km (07:00 to 09:00)

Ammunition Hill to Sacher Park.

  • Track B - Medium difficulty level, about 9 km (07:30 to 09:30)

Mount Scopus to Sacher Park.

Track C - easy / family difficulty level, about 4 km (08:00 to 10:00)

Safra Square to Sacher Park.

Sacher Park Festival 

Between 10:00 and 16:00 a festive happening will take place in Sacher Park that will include performances, live music and children’s shows, and a designated area dedicated for kids. 

The festive parade will begin at 15:00 and will follow the route of Bezalel, Hillel and King David streets and will end next to the bell park and will include collector vehicles, representative groups from Israel and around the world, orchestras, dance groups, IDF soldiers, street artists, sports teams and more.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this beautiful and lively Jerusalem celebration!