Mount Karkom

In the heart of the western Negev lies a site considered one of the most significant landmarks in Christian history- the mysterious and beautiful Mount Karkom.

Featuring a wildly unspoiled landscape - an 847-meter-high limestone plateau scored by dramatic ravines, mount Karkom is believed by some scholars to be the site of the biblical Mount Sinai – mentioned often in the book of Exodus as the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Walking down the eight-kilometer-long loop-trail, on the banks of the Karkom dry riverbed are two rows of standing stones and a rounded wall, reminiscent of nomadic shrine of the type built by the Israelites of the time. Looking closely, one can even spot 12 standing stones, believed by some to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

Adding to the mystery and appeal, Mount Karkom features many famous rock drawings, depicting worshipping figures, animals and enigmatic symbols.

To visit the area Hikers must coordinate tour to the site in advance and use a Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNI) trail map (available in Hebrew only) to explore Mount Karkom.