One Day in Eilat

Suggestions for an awesome day in the sun

Whether you’re staying in one of the city’s 5 star hotels, a hostel or have opted for the cool camping alternative, we recommend to start your day with a delicious breakfast and make your way to the Dolphin Reef. This is one of the most popular attractions in Eilat, where you can touch, swim and dive with these beautiful creatures. Watch the dolphins in their natural habitat, visit the underwater photo center, or take part in either scuba diving or snorkeling. Check out also Coral Beach, the natural underwater reserve that extends for 1,200 meters along the coast and gives you the opportunity to go snorkeling with an extraordinary variety of tropical fish in a beautiful coral reef.

Once you’ve dried off, head to the stunning Botanical Gardens within Eilat. You’ll find there more than 1,000 types of trees and plants from all around the world, streams, waterfalls, a rainforest and bird sanctuaries.

To end of your day with something slightly different, head just outside of Eilat to the Red Canyon, where you can track through the riverbed and between the red Nubian sandstone walls that have been sculpted over the centuries by wind and water.

When evening comes, make your way to the buzzing Eilat promenade ,stroll by the shops and market stands which are open until late. You can treat yourself to a meal in any of the dozens of the excellent restaurants and cafés or a drink in any of the lively seaside pubs and bars.