The nonstop city of Tel Aviv has plenty of options for those who love to work out! From Yoga to Zumba and even hula hooping and surfing, this city definitely has something for everyone.

Tel Aviv is well known for its beautiful beaches and the sea attracts many water sports lovers. The Israelis absolutely adore water activities and you can find there anything from windsurfing and jet skis to sailboats and catamarans. On the beach itself you can find people playing volleyball, and Israelis won’t say no if you’d ask them to join the game. If the beach is not your thing (and that’s ok, matkot aren’t for everyone) but you would still like to cool down during those hot summer days, then there are fantastic swimming pools around the city as well!

At Tel Aviv port you can practice Yoga with likeminded people and it’s an even more special experience at the sunrise or at the sunset. If you’re down for a more energetic workout then head to HaYarkon Park for a Zumba or a hula hoop class – what can possibly be better than shaking it to your favorite songs at this gorgeous location?

If you would like to burn some calories on the go and see the city at the same time, don’t hesitate to join the many jogging teams that are active around the city! If you prefer cycling, there are Tel-O-Fun stations pretty much everywhere in Tel Aviv, so you can rent your bicycle at one station, and leave them near your destination.

Israelis are obsessed with ball games -whether it’s basketball, tennis, or our national sport, soccer, you can always find where to play these sports at one of the many sport centers around the city. Whatever you’re into, in such a young and active city as Tel Aviv, you will find something for everyone!