When you travel, part of the fun is discovering new things. However, it always helps to get the inside scoop on how to get things done quickly and easily. Below are some tips and tourist information to get your trip off on the right foot!

Is Tel Aviv Gay Friendly?

Tel Aviv is known for it's gay friendly atmosphere and there is no shortage of attractions specifically for the gay community. From the awesome parties at amazing clubs and bars to the sunny chilled beaches, the gay scene in the city is hot, wild and like the city itself - definitely non stop


Since Israel is a major global tourist destination, direct flights are available from most major US and European cities. Connecting flights can be found from all major hubs.


Electrical current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 Hertz. The electric outlets used are types H and C. Most H outlets can also accept type C European two-pronged plugs.

Value-added tax refunds

Foreign tourists may request VAT refunds on purchase made during their visits. Be sure to keep your receipts. More information about VAT refunds can be found here.

Currency exchange

The local currency is the shekel, and there are plenty of places to change money at the airport throughout the city. When you exchange currency, make sure you are getting a realistic rate. You can check on the official exchange rate here: To find the change spot nearest you: Click Here Most businesses do not accept foreign currency, so we recommend that you buy shekels. You can also pay almost everywhere with international credit cards. To check the cost of things compared to the cost at home, you can do quick conversions here:

Getting from the airport to Tel Aviv

Never fear. Getting from the airport to Tel Aviv is simple and there are several options:

• By bus – El AL Junction: Kavim 475 & 500, Egged 268. Service: Egged every 2-3 hours. Fare: Kavim – NIS 12.60 NIS, Egged – NIS 14.70

• By train – There is a train station at the airport and there are four stations in Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Central Station, Ha’hagana, Ha’Shalom and University. Trains run every 20-30 minutes. Check with your hotel to see which station is best. Fare: about NIS 10.50.

• By taxi – If going by regular taxi, be sure to follow the signs and catch a cab from the official taxi stand only. Here the dispatcher can tell you the price upfront.

To help you get oriented with the layout of the city, here you can find a map of Tel Aviv.

Getting around town

Tel Aviv has lots of options for moving about the city. For those of you who like public transportation, two bus companies operate in Tel Aviv: Egged and Dan . Both websites provide information on fares, lines and timetables. The bus drivers do not automatically stop at each bus stop, so it’s important for you to let them know when you want to get off.

Another option is renting a bike or even electric bike to ride around the city. One place to do that is Pole Position, located at 13 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv. Phone: 03-5252134. Click here to visit their website. Another option is Tel-O-Fun.

Just remember that when the temperatures climb, you may find it difficult to ride around the city. Be sure to take a big bottle of water with you!

Need to take a longer trip? Try the train – you can find information about tickets, timetables and rates on the Israel Railways website.

And like in any big city, you can always hail a cab. Here in Israel, taxis have two sets of rates – a day rate and a night rate that is higher. And if you have any issues with the driver, their name and number appear on a plate positioned on the side.

The weather

The weather in Israel is one of its strongest selling points. Here’s what you can expect as the summer approaches. In May, expect temperatures of 25°C-29°C during the day and 17°C-20°C at night. In June – 29°C-31°C during the day and 20°C-23°C at night. You can find detailed information about average weather conditions here.

When you’re out and about in the sun all day, don’t forget to drink lots of water.

useful numbers

The following are some useful numbers that are always good to have on hand.

Ben-Gurion International Airport: 03-9754260

Tel Aviv Tourist Information Office: Tel Aviv Promenade, 46 Herbert Samuel Street. Tel: 03-5166188

Jaffa Clock Tower Tourist Information Center: 2 Marzuk VeAzar St. (near the Clock Tower)

Tel Aviv Tourism Info  website

Tel Aviv, Israel’s Non-Stop City, voted as the world’s top gay destination. Isn’t it time for you to find out why? Make Tel Aviv your vacation spot this summer!