Vegan-Friendly Tel Aviv - Try this selection of top vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv

This year US foodie website The Daily Meal named Tel Aviv top destination for vegan travelers. With over 400 vegan-friendly restaurants in Tel Aviv you won’t go hungry.




In 2014 this traditional Georgian restaurant made the switch to vegan cuisine. They now serve Georgian vegan dishes including stuffed traditional Georgian pastries with mushrooms instead of beef.

HaShwarma HaTzemchonit

The vegan shawarma is an alternative for vegans who want to try local traditional cuisine. The spicy tofu and seitan “meat” can be bought in a bun, pita, tortilla or focaccia. Aba Gil is another Tel Aviv restaurant serving traditional Middle Eastern food in a vegan variety.



Buddha Burgers

This chain of vegan-friendly burger restaurants has branches in Haifa and Eilat. The diverse menu covers fast food favorites from around the world including Indian, Italian and American burgers and hot dogs – all meat-free of course. You can even have a kosher (soy) cheese burger.

This boutique restaurant serves innovative dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant uses no plastic products and serves vegan variations on favorites like Caesar salad, stuffed cabbage and freekeh.

This restaurant serves up authentic Ethiopian cuisine but vegan-friendly. The delicious teff flour injera bread (gluten-free) will make you fall in love with this style of food. Visit on a Monday night and you’ll be treated to a live jazz performance.