Into Tel Aviv

The nonstop city of Tel Aviv has long been renowned as one of the most amazing gay capitals in the world, why? Come see for yourself!
From the breezy atmosphere, the vast golden beaches to the 24/7 party vibe – Tel Aviv and its welcoming gay-friendly scene makes for an incredible vacation, tailor-made for pleasure.

The fantastic year-round sunny weather makes for a perfect visit any time of year, yet June, the official pride month in Tel Aviv is a particularly favorite time. The gay community flocks to town from far and wide to take part in the pride festivities and the famous citywide gay pride parade culminating in the sensational 24/7 hedonistic beach parties.

Hot Hot Hot

What goes best with sunny weather? That’s right, the beach! And in Tel Aviv there is no shortage of golden sandy beaches complemented by the cool blue of the Mediterranean Sea. A day at the beach is the perfect opportunity to get your tan on and check out the sexy scene, getting you all pumped and ready to take in all the city has to offer.

For you Foodies

Now that you worked up a healthy appetite it’s time to get some energy back in your system, and Tel Aviv is the best place for that as well. Carnivor or vegan, street food or gourmet lover, whatever you’re into – You’ll find it in Tel Aviv at its finest.

Street Life

Want to walk off the food? Great idea. Just get lost in the stunning city. Explore its gorgeous scenery and get caught up in the bustling streets and boulevards. Tel Aviv, also known as the White City has been named a UNESCO Heritage Site thanks to the high concentration of Bauhaus structures, which dominate the city’s skyline. Check out the quaint neighborhoods and unique side streets and byways to find hidden gems, boutique shopping, and trendy cafes.

Should you like, just a short hour’s drive and you can find yourself in magical historical Jerusalem. Check out this legendary city, it’s many treasures, its fascinating sites and its unique blend of old and new, before making your way back to Tel Aviv.

Epic Nights

So you soaked up the rays, took in some culture, enjoyed the city’s hidden gems and treated yourself to the city’s flavors – now it’s time to check out the legendary nightlife which has made Tel Aviv famous. From amazing all-night raves to raging clubs the city at night is packed with sexy (often topless) gorgeous guys from all over the world tearing it up in the city, drinking dancing and enjoying life to the absolute max.

All this and so much more is just a few short hours away, so come check out nonstop sunny Tel Aviv for the vacation of a lifetime!