Tel Aviv
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When a city renowned across the world as the “City that never sleeps” holds an event like “White Night” – you know you’re in for a treat, and this year the treat is going to be especially epic, since “White Night” will take place on the eve of the Eurovision Semifinal held in Tel Aviv.   

“White Night”, one of Tel Aviv’s biggest events of the year, is a traditional annual citywide celebration which keeps the city up all night – everything is open, and everything is happening throughout the city simultaneously.

The origin of this now world-famous event dates back to 2003 when UNESCO declared the "White City” as a world cultural heritage site, setting off annual citywide celebration in a series of white night events in the city that (truly) doesn’t sleeps.

Photo By: Adam Primer

From the early evening and until dawn, the city becomes packed with tourists and locals, high on life and enjoying everything on offer, from shops and eateries to cinemas and culture venues – free of charge or at reduced rates, all night long!

Photo By: Kfir Sivan

Photo by Moshik Lindenbaum

So you better get some rest - you’re gonna need all your energy to keep up with “White Night” in the awesome city of Tel Aviv!

Photo by: Guy Yechiely‎.